Galaxy Note 9 has the same design as the old version, with more new colors

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The official launch of Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note, has leaked on the Internet, suggesting there will be no significant changes to the Galaxy Note 8. last year. However, the product will have more new colors to choose from.
Samsung will officially launch its next-generation high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, on August 9. The official release of the Galaxy Note 9, which leaked on the Internet, shows that the product is virtually unchanged from its predecessor.









From the official image of the Galaxy Note 9 posted on the Android Market, Galaxy Note 9 will still own the same infinite screen design as the Galaxy Note 8, the camera layout and sensors on the front. is not different from the old version. A slight difference is that the screen border at the bottom of the product is somewhat thinner than the Galaxy Note 8.

Although the official image shows the front, the leaked information indicates that the difference in design will lie on the back, when the Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with dual camera clusters, arranged in The horizontal orientation is the same as in the old version, but the location of the fingerprint sensor has been changed, bringing it down below the dual camera cluster, instead of being peer to the camera like the Galaxy Note 8, which will help people Easier fingerprint approach.

Galaxy Note 9 will have more new colors to choose from

In recent sources, Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have more color options.

According to the source of the Mobile Computing technology page, the Galaxy Note 9 will be available in five color options, including black, gray, blue, violet and brown. The source also said that Samsung will release a special yellow version of Galaxy Note 9 at the end of the year. This will be the real yellow version, not the yellow one as on the Galaxy Note 8.







If the above information is true then the first will have the brown and yellow version on the Galaxy Note 9 version and users will have more choice of colors to suit their hobbies.

According to other sources, the Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with a 6.3-inch screen, featuring the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor or Samsung’s Exynos 9810 (depending on the market), along with 6GB of RAM, optional 64/128 or 256GB of storage. It will also be equipped with a 3.850mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the 3.300mAh battery of the Galaxy Note 8.

The news is still rumored and the truth about Samsung’s new smartphone will be revealed after the special event on August 9 in New York, USA

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